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 Our reality is pure and simple

Start with the freshest, most delectable vegetables. Then whip them into perfect shape using a blend of secret ingredients, years of culinary experience, and a little bit of love, as “mom” used to say. The finished product: Garden Lites line of vegetarian soufflés, bakes and muffins. Minimally processed and maximally delicious, each bite is filled with nutritious real flavors.

So why create the real flavor of Garden Lites? Like most people past the age of high metabolism and low motivation, we try to eat well. However, we were tired of the idea that eating well meant sacrificing taste and quality. So instead of exercising all the time and eating foods we simply didn’t like, we decided to create the world of Garden Lites. We came upon a treasure chest of amazing vegetables and combined them with the meals and sides we love to eat. Now we can stay on track with a healthy lifestyle while feeling good – no; great – about the foods we enjoy.

Go ahead…get real.

Real food. Real good. Really!